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Never Give Up

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Never Give Up

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Cancer Treatment in Baltimore - Oncology Center of Central Baltimore

More Than 30 Years in Practice

At the Oncology Center of Central Baltimore, we understand that being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening event that changes your life forever. Often, this diagnosis is unanticipated and suddenly puts you in need of support from those around you, financial guidance, and the advice of an expert medical team.

With more than 30 years of practice in the field of oncology, our expert oncology team in Baltimore is proud to offer all these services and more. You don't have to fight a battle with cancer alone. Call our office at (410) 662-6222 and schedule an appointment today!

We treat multiple types of cancers and blood disorders including:

Why choose us?

At our center, we are proud to offer both individual and specialized care. Our staff firmly believes in taking a strong and active approach to fighting cancer. We stay up-to-date with the latest in cancer research, and offer state-of-the-art medicine and cancer treatment in Baltimore, all of which are specifically tailored to your individual situation. Dr. Stanley Walker is a leader in the field of oncology, as he not only treats patients, but teaches medical students and residents at the center, and is involved in clinical trials, as well.

We are determined to provide the absolute best level of communication necessary to ensure you receive the highest-quality medical care possible. Dr. Walker is located at the same site as our treatment center and a nurse is assigned to you, and can be present at every treatment session and medical appointment. With this continuity of service, you can feel safe knowing you are in the hands of an experienced staff member at all times who is familiar with your individualized treatment plan.

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Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer and are living in the Baltimore or Washington D.C. metro area? At the Oncology Center of Central Baltimore, we are here to provide you with the cancer treatment and support you deserve. Contact our office at (410) 662-6222 and schedule an appointment with one of our expert staff members today!

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Why Choose Us?

  • Individual and specialized care
  • State of the art medicine and treatments
  • Dr Stanley Walker is not only an oncologist but he teaches medical students and residents