Few experiences are filled with more fear than being diagnosed with cancer.  In that brief instance, your entire life changes in a manner that you probably never anticipated.  Suddenly, you are in need of expert medical advice, an experienced support group, financial guidance, and friendship.  The staff at the Oncology Center of Central Baltimore are able to provide all of these services and more. 

Because our head physician, Dr. Stanley Walker, is located in the same site as our treatment center, we are able to provide the level of communication necessary to ensure that you receive the absolute best medical care.  In addition, once you become a patient of ours, a nurse will be assigned to you that will be present at every treatment session and medical appointment.  This continuity of service ensures that your progress is tracked by an experienced staff member familiar with your treatment plan.  Finally, the Oncology Center of Central Baltimore believes in strongly and actively treating cancer.  The testimonial portion of our website gives insight into the observations of former and current patients.  

Please explore our website and access the many cancer related resources we have provided.  We also welcome phone calls on any cancer related subject and encourage new patients to come visit our facilities.  The Oncology Center of Central Baltimore provides a unique blend of medical knowledge, professionalism, patient information, and compassion.  We would be honored to treat you as a new patient.



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