About The Oncology Center of Central Baltimore

The Oncology Center of Central Baltimore offers its patients more than 27 years of academic, clinical and research experience - knowledge that gets results. Dr. Walker founded The Oncology Center in 1995 after leaving Mount Sinai Hospital, where he ran a similar center. He designed The Oncology Center to offer patients the latest advances in cancer medicine combined with care from compassionate, skilled physicians in patient-friendly surroundings.

In keeping with the philosophy of its physicians, The Oncology Center is structured around the patients' needs. A doctor always is on site during patient care to handle problems and deal with patient concerns. Only nurses certified in oncology care administer chemotherapy. And, with the 24-hour opinion service, Dr. Walker has made it a priority to provide second opinions within only one day, even to the newest patients.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Individual and specialized care
  • State of the art medicine and treatments
  • Dr Stanley Walker is not only an oncologist but he teaches medical students and residents