What Is Thirdhand Smoke?

Lung cancer is often thought of as a smoker’s disease, but many people who are diagnosed with lung cancer in the Baltimore, MD area have never picked up a cigarette. There are multiple causes and contributing factors to lung cancer development, including thirdhand smoke. You may already know that secondhand smoke is when a person breathes in the smoke that another person exhales. But even after the smoke dissipates, the toxic residue is left on the smoker’s hands, hair, clothing, drapes, and vehicles. It clings to all nearby surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and furniture.

Research is ongoing regarding the risks of thirdhand smoke and how it can cause lung cancer, but it is known that regardless of whether smoke is firsthand, secondhand, or thirdhand, it’s highly poisonous. There is simply no way to confine smoke and its residue to a specific area of a home, and airing out the home cannot eliminate the danger. To protect your health, you will need to prohibit smoking in and near your home and vehicle.

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